Markets and Solutions


  • Smart phone - low cost VGA/HD front camera, 5/8/12MPix
  • Notebook/Ultrabook – Low cost VGA/HD
  • Automotive – TS16949 lenses and camera
  • Gamming - 3D imaging, gesture control projector, infra-red and visible cameras.
  • Pico projector – miniature, low cost, low power consumption. RGB and MEMs based.


  • Visible and Infra-red lens and cameras TS16949 certified


  • CCTV cameras, miniaturized high sensitive CMOS camera.
  • Low power LEDs illumination array module
  • High transmission filters for passive & active IR sensors


  • Visible and thermal imaging lenses.
  • Low cost objective and eyepiece for image intensifiers
  • High precision optics and crystals for laser systems
  • Ruggedized monitors EMI protection and touch screen.


  • Endoscopy solutions: Low diameter lenses and camera < 1mm
  • Sapphire elements – low cost and high volume production capacity.
  • Laser crystals: KTP, LiNbO3, NdYAG, ErYAG, ZnSe etc.
  • Components for Flash Lamp based products – Borofloat, BK7 & Saphire windows and UV filters

Fiber optics Communication

  • Fiber optics active and passive components and sub-systems.
  • Analog and digital up to 100Gb/s.

Machine vision

  • Fiber optics sensors emissivity independent
  • Telocentric lenses
  • GigE cameras


  • Concentrated photo voltaic – Primary and secondary optics.