Miniature lens from iPhysicist enables smart device operation via hand gestures

02 January 2014

Netanya, Israel–Electro-optical systems company iPhysicist has developed a new miniature lens that provides better accuracy and affordability for gesture recognition technology devices as well as OEM modules to enable the operation of laptops and other portable devices (tablets, smartphones) by simple hand gestures. The lens has a wide focus length from the visible to the near-infrared (NIR) wavelength region. This emerging field was given a huge boost in the last few years since the introduction of Microsoft Kinect. Today, there are several companies active in this field, such as the Israeli start-up Eye-sight, and Leap motion.

The lens design consists of only plastic elements and is ready for mass production. Only 2.7 mm in length, the lens consists of aspherical elements, boasting 1.6 focal length, F# 2.2, and 85 degree field of view (FOV).

"The design of this lens was challenging since it needs to operate in wide spectral range and the manufacturing requires tight tolerances." says Sharon Sade, CTO at iPhysicist.

Among the other capabilities of iPhysicist is development of other electro-optical system for a variety of applications such as the cell phone market, gesture recognition, thermal cameras, automotive, security, medical endoscopy, and conference call equipment.
The systems are manufactured using state of the art technology for injection molding of plastic, molding of glass, assembly and testing.

iPhysicist specializes in developing electro-optical systems starting from optical design through production of prototypes to mass production. The company works closely with high-tech companies, start-ups, organizations, universities and entrepreneurs to achieve their R&D objectives.