Electro-optical system design

iPhysicist is an innovative leading Optical Design House and solutions provider offering
system-level design services and products for consumer, industrial, medical,

telecommunications and other markets. iPhysicist provides sustained support in all
design phases, from proof of concept for new emerging applications, feasibility study, research,
complete system/product design, hardware/software system integration, prototyping, OEM supply and manufacturing services to a worldwide customer base to accelerate product development and time to market.
Every new design includes pre-set milestones that control and monitor the design process.
We have expertise with proven track experience in optics, 2D/3D imaging, miniature systems, and projection systems. We cooperate with world-class manufactures to support your production plan.

Our development capabilities and Core Competencies include:
  • Unique optimization procedures
  • Mechanical design
  • Electronic design
  • Manufacturing analysis: tolerance, thermal, stray light
  • Design towards manufacturing: prototypes and mass production
  • Optical design from UV to IR
  • Proven track experience
  • Miniaturized and low z height, folded optics, low F#, High MTF
  • wide field of view, F-theta designs
  • Focal and Afocal systems
  • Relay lenses, Endescopes, Periscopes, Riflescopes
  • Laser optics
  • Telescope and mirror based optical design
  • Fixed focus, auto-focus and zoom lenses
  • Illumination systems design
  • Eyepieces, magnifiers and Head Up/Mounted Displays
  • Telephoto, microscopes objectives
  • Spheric, Aspheric plastic and glass
  • Wafer level optics, wafer level camera
  • Micro-optics design
  • Optical filters design
  • Optical and electro-optics Sub-system design
  • Diffractive optics