Imatest Image Sensor (IS)


Imatest Image Sensor (IS) combines the features of Master with the ability to directly load images from image sensors and cameras, cutting out several steps in the testing process.

Selected features include:

  • Support for over 800 image acquisition devices to accelerate your testing process
  • Real­time viewing of test results from camera adjustments
  • Automatic analysis of the new ISO 12233:2014 Edge SFR chart
  • Automatic region detection for X­Rite Colorchecker, ISO 12233:2014 and more
  • Enhanced video file reading abilities to extract still frames from AVI and MP4 files

Additional Information:

This license includes one year of Support. Maintaining current Support enables you to download
all software updates, keeping you current on the latest product enhancements, bug fixes, and
customer feature requests.

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