Imatest Industrial Testing (IT)


Imatest Industrial Testing (IT) enables rapid production line testing and optimal quality control in
manufacturing environments. Imatest IT software allows for the integration of key Imatest
Master and Image Sensor (IS) module functionality into your custom testing programs. Manage
multiple suppliers using one unbiased testing algorithm and catch issues earlier in your supply

Selected features include:

  • Define required quality levels for a camera with Pass/Fail specifications
  • Analysis of the new ISO 12233:2014 Edge SFR chart
  • Analysis of SFRplus, Random/Spilled Coins, Wedge, Log­F Contrast and Siemens Star Targets
  • New operator console, an open source user interface for factory testing
  • Automatic region detection for X­rite Colorchecker and many more targets
  • Even Field Test to measure color and illumination uniformity and detect blemishes and defective pixels on the sensor

Additional Information:

This license includes one year of Support. Maintaining current Support enables you to download all software updates, keeping you current on the latest product enhancements, bug fixes, and customer feature requests.

IT Specifications:

Imatest IT includes an Application Programming Interface (API) that contains two different types
of interfaces: DLL and EXE. Both interfaces have the same functionality as the corresponding modules in Imatest Master and IS but operate without user intervention, making them suitable
for integration with automated systems.

Although IT operates independently of Imatest Master, it is strongly recommended that IT users
have at least one Master installation on site to support the process of defining execution
parameters and default settings.

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