Infrared Targets​

Imatest’s specialized Infrared targets support testing in short to medium wavelengths (1.4­8
microns) and long wavelengths (8­15 microns). Imatest’s standard, inkjet­printed test charts
work in near­infrared wavelengths up to 1.4 microns. The targets produce adequate contrast to
effectively test a range of infrared camera systems.

These test charts include high resolution slanted­edges that can measure sharpness variations
across the entire image sensor. The targets support analysis of other key IR image quality
factors, including noise and distortion.

Available sizes: ​​61 x 91 cm (2 x 3 feet). MWIR target also available in 91 x 122 cm (3 x 4 feet). Larger sizes are available upon request.

Additional Information:

These two targets are constructed differently and use unique materials in order to measure their
respective IR wavelengths.

The MWIR target is produced using a silk­screened SFRplus print on an aluminum sheet.
Contrast is produced due to the difference in emissivity between the different paints.

The LWIR target has a heated aluminum back­plane. Insulated spacers help float the cooler
plasma­cut SFRplus aluminum front plane. The target is painted in a powder­coated matte to
diffuse specular reflections. Temperature difference between front and back planes produce
contrast in the LWIR target.