SFRplus Charts


Imatest’s ISO­compliant SFRplus charts are designed to work with all Imatest software to
provide automated, comprehensive image quality analysis.

SFRplus charts:

  • Test for MTF, noise, lateral chromatic aberration, dynamic range, and many other image quality factors.
  • Maximize the use of available chart space compared with standard ISO charts.
  • Reduce clipping of high­contrast edges to increase accuracy, consistency and give better overexposure and underexposure testing performance.
  • Contain added signal processing measurement information like sharpening and noise reduction.
  • Support automated region detection to identify regions of interest without manual input.

Available sizes: ​0.5 x 0.5 cm to 110 x 182 cm (5 x 5mm to 1100 x 1820 mm)

Substrates:​ Matte, Semigloss, Backlit Media (DisplayTrans), Photographic Paper, B&W or Color LVT Film, and Chrome on Glass for high precision needs.

All Imatest charts can be customized to fit your testing needs.

Additional Information: