Turn Key Solutions

iPhysicist provides technology companies with comprehensive turn-key design and manufacturing solutions – hardware design, mechanical design, component procurement, PCB manufacturing and complete product assembly and testing.
We develop our optics based solutions using innovative algorithm optimization process and a range of simulation tools.
We begin the design process with a thorough assessment of your company’s needs. This is crucial in tailoring an optimal turn-key solution.
The iPhysicist team then leads you through the entire development process, beginning with the initial design spec, followed by implementation and integration at the customer’s site.
iPhysicist is committed to achieve high quality service in its product design, simulation and manufacturing process:

  • High performance versus low cost solutions.
  • Strong commitment and maximum availability to customers
  • Full customer transparency on every project
  • Reduced time to market and increased ROI
  • Highly skilled, professional and innovative team
  • On site Production process control inspection
  • Strong interdisciplinary communications
  • Technical tutorials and training provided free of charge for
    strategic customers and partners

iPhysicist hardware design services include a wide range of optical designs based on the company’s extensive experience serving different market sectors
encompassing consumer, industrial, medical, security, telecommunications and defense. As the majority of products require compliance with regulations
in accordance with the product application and environment, the iPhysicist team consults, designs, and performs stringent regulatory tests on our products.

Optics Design
  • Imaging systems
  • Re-engineering improved cost solutions: Converting spheric
    to aspheric systems and material optimization.
  • Non imaging optics – Concentrated Photovoltaic (CPV), cone collectors etc.
  • Projection and illumination systems
  • Wafer level optics, wafer level camera
  • Micro and diffractive optics.
  • Microscope Objective lenses
  • Telecentric lens
  • Telescope systems
  • High power optics
  • LEDs illumination
  • Infra-red LWIR and SWIR, cooled and uncooled, motorized zoom.
  • Fiber coupled Lasers and LEDsOphthalmic systems (Retinal Inspection)
  • Design for Regulation and standards Compliance
Turn-key Examples
  • Lens modules – including aspheric and spheric elements,
    mixed material, filters, competitive prices vs. standard modules.
  • illumination modules (lasers / high power LEDs).
  • Camera module, VIS, VISNIR combined, SWIR, LWIR, cooled
    and uncooled detectors
  • EMI protected and touch screen modules
  • Sensor Optics systems