AR/VR/MR – Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality

iPhysicist supplies comprehensive smart headset and automotive Heads Up Display solutions, producing core Electro-Optics components that naturally blend true-to-life digital objects with real-world environments.
Innovative optics display projection with outstanding resolution, close to micro display native resolution highly suitable for near eye display (NED) smart glasses and automotive Heads Up Display (HUD)
  • Excellent efficiency/low power consumption
  • Superior image quality
  • Multi-focal planes
  • Ultra-thin & lightweight
  • High manufacturability
All-in-One Camera
Your complete sensor solution, providing depth, gesture, SLAM and 3D scanning in a single package
  • Operates at a distance and at close range, imaging visible to near-infrared all-in-focus
  • Wide field of view with tailored distortion
  • Low F-number to increase low light sensitivity and reduce projection power
  • Thermal compensation
  • Fully compatible with stereo-based, structured light and ToF platforms
  • Complimentary pattern projector
Eye Tracking Camera  
Utilizes iPhysicist’s VISNIR lens with IR LED
  • Ultra-compact packaging
  • Imaging visible to near infra-red in high resolution and all in focus
  • Possible using meta lens with IR LED or VCSEL
Smart Capture AI Camera                                                                                   
Scans and analyses its environment for optimal recognition
  • 13MP camera integrated with ISP
  • Ultra-compact packaging
  • Premium lens to provide x2 resolution compared with conventional optics

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