Optical Design

iPhysicist provides sustained support in all design phases, from proof-of-concept stage for new emerging applications, feasibility study, research, complete system/product design, hardware/software system integration, prototyping, OEM supply and manufacturing services.

We facilitate worldwide customers in accelerating their product development, enhancing their system performance, reducing their Electro-Optics module cost and shortening their product’s time to market.
New design includes pre-set milestones that being controlled and monitored during the design process. Main milestones are: SRR (system requirement review), SDR (system design review), PDR (preliminary design review) and CDR (Critical design review).
Our expertise is reflected in design and manufacturing cutting edge optics performance, 2D/3D imaging, miniature Electro-Optics systems and projection and illumination systems. We cooperate with world-class manufacturers to meet our customer’s production schedule.
​​​​​​​Our development capabilities and core competencies include:
  • Unique optimization procedures during the optical design
  • Opto-mechanical and mechanical design
  • Electronic design
  • Manufacturing analysis: tolerance, thermal, stray light
  • Design towards high scale production: prototypes and mass production
  • Optical design from UV to far infra-red
  • Miniaturized and low z height, folded, low F#, High MTF optics
  • Wide field of view lenses with low distortion
  • Fixed focus, auto-focus and zoom lenses
  • Focal and Afocal systems
  • Relay lenses, Endoscopes, Otoscope, Periscopes, Riflescopes
  • High power laser optics
  • Telescope and mirror-based optical design
  • Illumination systems design
  • Eyepieces, magnifiers, Head Up/Mounted Displays
  • Telephoto, microscope objectives
  • Spheric, Aspheric plastic and glass
  • Wafer level optics, wafer level camera
  • Micro-optics design
  • Optical filters design
  • Diffractive optics, pattern dots, meta lens
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