Nano Optics

iPhysicist develops camera modules and projection modules based on nano optics elements. These elements include diffractive, meta-surfaces, micro-optics arrays and ultra-precision masks and reticles.
The camera module includes high-quality band-pass filters to make sure the nano optical element will work at the best narrow band working conditions.
The projector module includes additional optics such as collimator and diffusers. In some designs the nano optical element serves as the fan out collimator or diffusing of light.
The nano optics elements are design and fabricated to ensure high efficiency and low zero order.
We design the camera and illumination to fit the optical element used. We design the opto-mechanical housing accordingly.
The assembly process is done accurately to ensure performance of the nano optics elements which are fabricated in tight tolerances.
Testing of the camera module which is based on the nano optical element is done in a specific lab setup which includes narrow and wide light sources. The testing also includes the accuracy of assembly alignment of the nano optics.

  • Example of camera module based on meta lens and LED illumination for 940nm
  • Camera module based on CMOS sensor 1/9” 1280x720
  • Meta lens made from single surface meta surface deposited on glass substrate designed for 940nm
  • Barrel designed for holding the metalens and band pass filter
  • Holder for mounting the barrel on top of the sensor
  • Camera module PCB includes 940nm LED for scene illumination
  • Images are captured under 940nm illumination

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