iPhysicist works closely with medical and healthcare customers to provide advanced optics and Electro-Optics modules. For several years we have provided field proven solutions for industries such hair removal, body sculpting, surgical, ophthalmic, dental 3D scanning, remote healthcare, endoscope & otoscope 2D & 3D imaging and illumination, noninvasive diagnostics and more. Below are few examples of our value proposition to different applications.

Aesthetic Medical Devices
We design and manufacture as per customer’s specifications:

Lightguide, lenses, windows and Prisms with improved surface quality and flatness.
NdYAG, QS-YAG and ErYAG, Rods and slabs
Reflectors Variety of raw material
and high reflection coating
Colored glass

IPL filters with variety of raw material: BK7, JGS, Borosilicate and more
iPhysicist designs and manufactures the smallest endoscope and otoscope with disposable plastic lens diameter that can vary from 200µm to 900µm
Depth of focus 10-20mm (controlled by design)
FOV: 50deg to 150deg
LEDs integrated
Bio-compatible injected plastic
High-volume low-cost manufacturing process
Already in mass production

Eye related products
We can simulate and build an accurate model of the human eye and based on it, design related optics and optical systems for solving medical challenges.
iPhysicist designs and manufactures cameras for capturing images of the human eye with high resolution and 360deg FOV.   
iPhysicist designs and manufactures optics for the visually-impaired based on proprietary Vioglass optics.
iPhysicist designs and manufactures intraocular lenses for correcting human vision.

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