Electro-Optical system assembly

iPhysicist provides technology companies with comprehensive turn-key design and manufacturing solutions – optics design. hardware design, mechanical design, component procurement, PCB manufacturing and complete product assembly and testing.
We develop our optics-based solutions using an innovative algorithm optimization process with the support of simulation tools. During the design process we will define and create the production files. That includes components datasheets, assembly process, assembly drawing, components incoming inspection testing and complete module Acceptance Test procedure (ATP) and Acceptance Test Report (ATR).
iPhysicist is committed to achieving the highest quality service in its product design process, manufacturing simulation, supply chain management and production process:
  • Commitment to deliver the best quality product on time
  • Customer-centric
  • Full customer transparency on every project
  • Reduced time to market and increased ROI
  • Highly skilled, professional, and innovative support team
  • On site production process control inspection
  • Strong interdisciplinary communications
  • Technical tutorials and training provided to create common “technical language”
  • CMOS camera modules: Visible (VIS), Near Infra-red (NIR) and combined VISNIR
  • USB 2.0/3.0 cameras
  • IP cameras from VGA to 20MPix
  • Thermal imaging cameras
  • Analog camera module
  • High resolution up to 108MPix – compact package
  • Reflowable camera module – VGA, 1.3MP and 2MP
  • Wafer level camera module (WLC) - VGA, 1.3MP and 2MP
  • Camera modules with auto focus and zoom
Emitters and sensors:
  • Lasers, high power lasers, fiber lasers, SLED's
  • LEDs deep UV to NIR
  • High power lasers, Single emitter, stacked bars
  • Pyrometry/radiometry systems, fiber optic
Turn-key Examples
  • Lens modules – including aspheric and spheric elements,
    mixed material, filters, competitive prices vs. Off the shelf lens modules.
  • illumination modules (lasers / high power LEDs).
  • Camera module, VIS, VISNIR combined, SWIR, LWIR, cooled
    and uncooled detectors
  • EMI protected and touch screen display modules
  • Sensor Optics systems spectroscopy
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