Cover Lens

Fully Integrated

Touch Display Modules

One Stop Solutions

One Stop Solutions
TFT LCD Module Design Capability
 Customized Interface solutions

  • High-brightness backlight
  • MCU, RGB, LVDS, MIPI interfaces
  • FPC and interconnect
  • Packaging and mounting
  TFT LCD Modules processing
  • Scribe/break
  • LC fill
  • Polarizer attachment
  • COG driver IC attachment
  • FPC/T-Con Board attachment
 Backlight assembly
  • LCD backlight with brightness controls
  • Full-custom TFT panels with optional customer-owned mask sets
  • Sourcing Automotive grade TFT Solutions
  • Flexibility in G4.5-G8.5 TFT OEM cell suppliers
  • Free to use any TFT OEM cell supplier
  • Lamination of functional films: Full Viewing Angle, Brightness
       Enhancement polarizers
PCAP Design Capability
  • AG/AF/AR Surface treatment for cover lens
  • Manual assembly lines for display or touch-centric subassemblies
  • Dead Front Design (invisible buttons/indicators when off) Shaped TCI 
     touch buttons
 Development and System Integration
  • Total solutions for LCDs, touch screens and glass cover lenses or middle frame
  • Display, touch panel and front lens assembly with air bonding OCA Bonding, LOCA Bonding, SCA Bonding references

TFT LCD With Driver Board

 In-house developed Standard LCD Panel Controller Boards
• TFT Display connection Interfaces
• USB, Ethernet, RGB, DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort (DP)
 Custom LCD Panel Control Boards (MOQ 500 - 1k pcs)
• Long term availability
• Product stability
• Compatibility of successor products regarding form, function and integration
• Technical Support
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