The problem
  • Sensor’s small pixel size (≤0.8µm) is needed in order to increase sensor resolution for the smartphone, but it has very low light sensitivity
  • Bigger sensors with bigger pixels (3µm) cannot be used due to optics long total track length (TTL)
  • In order to use such big sensors, the optics need to have short TTL to fit into the smartphone’s compact volume
  • Conventional Short TTL utilizes a hybrid lens (plastic and glass) in order to squeeze the TTL but introduce higher sensitivity to tolerances and thus lower yield
iPhysicist’s solution (STTL)
  • iPhysicist overcomes this problem with a novel patented optics technology named STTL which adds more optical power to limited volume and introduces lower sensitivity to tolerances
  • STTL’s optics is made from plastic-only elements and achieves high yield
  • Image processing is required for stitching
  • Proof of concept already done. Demo produced. 9 months to mass production
Market requirements benefits
  • STTL lens – to reduce the camera’s height by 30-40%
  • Replacing camera array of several field of views (FOV) which are using several lenses in smartphone with a single camera having several FOVs using only a single lens camera (for example x0.5, x1.0 and x2.0 into one camera)
  • Ability to use large pixel sensors (1.5-3µm) and high-resolution sensors such as 108MPix bringing DSLR image quality to the smartphone’s camera
  • Real optical zoom x2/x3, ultra-compact shape without moving parts
  • Real optical zoom x10, compact form factor, non-periscope shape with moving parts
  • Reduced cost. For example: 7P STTL solution with 80% yield compared to 7P/6P1G/8P conventional optics solutions with<40% yield. Estimated saving cost ~$1 for each camera
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