About Us

As a leading electro-optical and optical systems R&D company, iPhysicist specializes in developing uniquely innovative products for the consumer electronics market. These include computer vision, security systems, automotive, medical, smartphones and AR/VR/MR.

About Us:
Since 2009, iPhysicist has been reshaping the world of optic design. We offer a one-stop shop for optical components, optics design and electro-optics modules. Our cutting-edge, patented products combine unique optical designs with advanced production methods. Whether you are a Fortune 500 company, a small-to-large sized business or an entrepreneur, iPhysicist can create a solution that is tailored precisely to your needs. Our designs are optimized for mass production without compromising on quality and performance. 
iPhysicist’s unique patented technologies: 
  • VioGlass - Electro-Optics components that blend true-to-life digital objects with real-world environments thanks to our patented near-eye display (NED) optics and automotive heads-up display (HUD) solutions.

  • STTL - The first “bump-free” smartphone camera. iPhysicist’s patented design uses advanced computational imaging to enhance camera resolution, increase sensitivity in low light and reduce form factor including camera height with embedded 10x optical zoom capabilities.

  • VISNIR - The world’s first all-plastic lens to cover an ultra-wide 450-950nm spectral range. iPhysicist’s lens is designed for visible and infra-red use, extremely sensitive in low light conditions and offers the highest optical resolution for computer vision and AI applications. No IR cut switch is needed for color correction. The product is ready for mass production.
Looking to partner with us? We welcome the opportunity to explore new horizons. 
Contact: Eli Avital, CEO. eli@iphysicist.com. Tel: +972-54-4649700

Eli Avital
Co-Founder and CEO iPhysicist | Physicist, EMBA
CEO of iPhysicist for the past 12 years, with an additional 16 years'  experience as VP Sales & Business Development. Eli has led operations, sales, and business development, taking a new business  from day one to an annual turnover in the tens of millions of USD. Eli has a thorough understanding of current technological advancements and market trends combined with extensive network connections. His passion is for creating novel Electro-Optics technologies that will overcome even the most challenging of consumer electronics objectives.

Dr. Sharon Sade
Co-Founder, CTO | Physics PhD
CTO of iPhysicist for 12 years with another decade of experience in optics group management. Worldwide leadership in advanced optical design applications, having made significant IP and technology sales to CE leaders – Microsoft, Intel, and Samsung. Noted IP expert with numerous patents. An expert in cutting-edge manufacturing capabilities, with a substantial track record of successful entrepreneurship.

Yarden Bechar
Electro-Optics Engineer
Electrical and electronic engineer specializing in communication and Electro-Optics. Broad experience with diverse electronic and optic systems, including electromagnetic systems, with a great passion for science, innovation and the technology of tomorrow.

Yana Melamed
Purchasing Manager
Highly motivated and organized purchasing specialist with 10 years of experience in international sourcing. Proven success in negotiating with suppliers to improve costs, reduce lead times, and ensure quality, Yana is famous for her “whatever it takes” attitude.
Anat Kofman
Office Manager.
Customer Service & Pre-Sales Representative.
Accounting, Customer Invoicing & Vendor Payments.
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