Optical components

iPhysicist’s dedicated customer services support different departments:
R&D department – We invite you to send us your new optical and electro-optical (EO) projects and challenges. We’ll help you define the system requirements. We provide proof of concept off the shelf within a very short lead time.
Purchasing department – Facing End Of Life issues or a long lead time on your existing optics or Electro-Optics module? We’ll be happy to provide a 2nd source, drop-in compatible at a competitive price.
Operations department – we offer a significant cost reduction and long-term support plans for your optical components and EO modules which are purchased on a constant basis.
iPhysicist works closely with world-class, state of the art manufacturers to support your production plan. We offer the highest quality for optical products including custom optical components, laser optics, infrared optics and optical assemblies to meet the stringent requirements of precision imaging and projection applications.
Our manufacturing partners implement diverse optics processing methods which include: grinding, polishing, super polishing, optical bonding, cementing, holing, plastic injection, glass molding and coating.
Prior to production we define with our customers and verify with our suppliers the ATR (acceptance test report) and ATP (acceptance test procedure).
These reports will be reviewed again prior to every shipment.
Our components design, manufacturing and supply capabilities include:
OEM and ODM, off the shelf and custom optics:
  • Lenses: Spheric, Aspheric plastic and glass, Free Form lenses and Fresnel. Super Polish to a few Angstrom
  • Filters - narrow band, BPF, high damage threshold, low rejection OD10,
  • hard coating for rough environments etc
  • IAD, IBS and EB Coatings
  • Beam splitters, windows, Prisms, dichroic mirror
  • Crystal growth methods: flux, Czochralski, Stepanov, HEM
  • Crystal types: Fused Silica, Sapphire, CaF2, ZnS, Ge, Si, ZnSe, IG6
  • Laser rod
  • Lens array, beam shape homogenizer
  • Diffractive optics elements, meta lenses
  • Contact lens
  • Cuvette

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